What's the issue?

There is known bug in Google Chrome that causes it to incorrectly resize tables when zoom is enabled. Wemply timesheet relies on two tables - statistics table on the left and timesheet on the right. If zoom is enabled, Google Chrome incorrectly resizes the two tables causing offset between them.

How to fix it?

a) Make sure your Wemply timesheet is not zoomed in Chrome. If on top right corner of address bar there's the zoom icon, reset zoom to 100% and issue is fixed.

b) Make sure you Windows zoom is set to 100%. Right click on Windows desktop -> Display settings -> Scale and layout set to 100%. Issue is then fixed.


Try out Firefox. Users have reported that the issue doesn't reproduce in Firefox even if zoom is enabled.

In conclusion

This is Google Chrome bug and we have contacted Google about it and are waiting for a fix. Until then zoom shouldn't be used with Wemply timesheets. We can't fix it ourselves as issue is with Google Chrome, not Wemply software unfortunetely.