Wemply is a timetracking, vacation and HR software that allows managing your working times and vacations/absences through convenient webapp. To get started with webapp go to COMPANY_NAME.wemply.com in your browser and log in! You can also download webapp to your mobile desktop following the pictures in these manuals - Android or iOS.

After initial login Wemply will keep you logged in and you can enter webapp with one click from mobile homepage going forward to manage working times and vacations/absences.

Timer page

First page after login is timer page. Timer page allows the following:

1) Add new working time with timer Start timer -> go do the work -> End timer -> fill working time form -> Save

2) Add working time manually using Add button

3) Modify existing working times using Modify icon

4) If you are in other menus, clicking on Wemply logo always brings you back to timer page

In addition there are useful pages in upper right menu Track -> Working times and Track -> Vacations and absences, where you can manage your data in a table view.

Adding working time

Clicking Add button on timer page or working times table opens working time form. On the form you can modify default date, starting time, ending time, object (where you worked), work type (what you did) and additional fields that might be configured by your administrator. If you wish you can also add description about your working time. After filling all fields marked with red asterisk the working time can be saved using Save button.

Adding vacation/absence

Vacations and absences table has Add button, which opens vacation/absence form. You must choose vacation type, start date, end date and fill additional fields that might be configured by your administrator. After filling the form, click Save to save the form after which direct manager will overview and approve the request.

In summary three pages are enough for day-to-day tasks in Wemply - timer page, working times table and vacations/absences table.

With questions and problems we encourage you to contact Wemply customer support! You can do that by going to Wemply homepage and opening the real time chat in lower right corner!