Getting started

Wemply is a timetracking and scheduling software that allows managing your working times and vacations/absences through convenient webapp. To get started with webapp go to in your browser and log in! You can also download webapp to your mobile desktop following the pictures in these manuals - Android or iOS.

After initial login Wemply will keep you logged in and you can enter webapp with one click from mobile homepage going forward to manage scheduled working times and wish days / absences.

After first login you see front page with dashboard and calendar. Your dashboard and calendar are useful tools for reviewing your schedule and marking wish days, days unavailable for work or switching shifts with other employees. You can always get back to front page by clicking Wemply logo.

Calendar displays your scheduled working times.

Dashboard displays different informative data panels and shortcuts to different submenus.

Assigning your shift to another employee

First go to your calendar. If you wish to give your shift to another employee, you can click on the shift in your calendar and select employee who you'd like to give the shift away to.

The employee will get a request to take your shift and can accept it. When employee has accepted it, manager has to approve the swap and the shift is given away and removed from your calendar.

You can also review requests from other employees to assign you shifts on your dashboard Scheduled working times swaps panel.

Marking wish days and days unavailable for work

You can click on any day in your calendar to open leave request. There you can select the leave type (wish day or unavailable for work), the date or date range and add description if needed. Your manager will see these requests and take them into account when creating schedules.

Useful dashboard panels

You can see your colleagues upcoming vacations and absences in a dashboard panel Current and coming vacations and absences.

You can see your colleagues upcoming scheduled working times in Upcoming scheduled working times panel. This is useful if you'd like to know who you'll be working the shift same shift with.

Clock in and out if terminal available at location

To clock into your shift highlight Start with left arrow click on the terminal. After that register with face, fingerprint or card. To clock out at the end of your shift highlight End with right arrow click on the terminal and authenticate your self.

If you authenticated without selecting start/end first, terminal will ask you to choose if you want to start or end working time, which you can choose with up and down arrows and click OK to confirm.

Customer support

With questions and problems we encourage you to contact Wemply customer support! You can do that by going to Wemply homepage and opening the real time chat in lower right corner!